The Stairwell Symphony

The Stairwell Symphony (2013)  is a participatory living-room performance that is sometimes performed in other venues. Loosely based on Edmund White's autobiographical novel The Farewell Symphony, the piece stars a 17-year-old Teena Geist, a precocious young woman with a newfound penchant for crystals. Through a series of interactive exercises including guided meditations, mantra repetitions, and spirit channeling, Teena leads the audience ever closer to the edge of ego transcendence and self-dissolution. 

The Stairwell Symphony premiered February 7 - 9, 2013, at a private residence in Philadelphia, PA. 

Creation and Performance: Mark McCloughan

Design: Spencer Sheridan

Sound: Rosie Langabeer, Alex Lewis, Dabey Byrne, Jaime Maseda