Bastard Piece

Bastard Piece (2013) is a dance-theater work that meditates on doubling, tripling, and the ever-shifting nature of memory. An assemblage of fragments inspired by a box of old photos found in a basement, the piece unfolds according to a poetic logic that reveals unexpected resonances between seemingly disparate situations, relationships, and images.

Bastard Piece was performed September 11-21, 2013 as part of the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival. All performances took place at APT Studio 2 in Philadelphia. 

Creation and Performance: Jaime Maseda, Mark McCloughan, Magda San-Millan                                                         Design: Andrew Thompson                                                                                                                                             Outside Eye: Eva Steinmetz

"BASTARD PIECE is wholeheartedly halfhearted. It explores the fine line shared by outrageous and understated, clownish and genuine."
Julius Ferraro, phindie

"a full package, hilarious and heartbreaking, original and entertaining."
Jeremy Gable, edgephiladelphia