Jaime Maseda is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. In addition to his work as part of No Face, Jaime has also performed and created with Pig Iron Theatre Company, Mel Krodman & Kelly Bond, Miguel Gutierrez, Magda & Chelsea, Alex Torra, and Orbiter 3.

Mark McCloughan is an artist and writer in New York City. In addition to his work as part of No Face, he has also collaborated with many other artists and companies, including Pig Iron Theatre Company, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, New Paradise Laboratories, Gabrielle Revlock, Spencer Sheridan/Public Trust, Melissa Krodman & Kelly Bond, and Jenna Horton.  

Since 2014 he has collaborated with Eiko Otake as dramaturg for her solo project A Body in Places, which received a special citation at the 2016 New York Dance and Performance Bessie awards.

He is the author of No Harbor (L + S Press, 2014), and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Lines + Stars, decomP, and Sentinel Literary Quarterly, among others.