THE BOAT SHOW (2011) is a tale of historical confusion, follows the Adams “brothers” (Sam and John) in a sea-faring journey through tea-filled harbors, "the Kentucky Territory," and American national mythology. The Adams' booze-fueled exploits, alternately oafish and grotesque, show little regard for human dignity, decency, or life – all in the name of toppling the monarchy. The performers employ broad comedy and casual audience interaction to mis-match and subvert glorified depictions of a violent history. Performed on an early 20th-century tall-ship docked at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, THE BOAT SHOW activates and repurposes on multiple levels a historic site central to the city's and nation's founding.

Creation and Performance: Justin Howe, Jaime Maseda, Mark McCloughan

Direction: Gedney Barclay